Education Reform: A Path to Equitable and Effective Learning

Written by: Godstime Silas Education has long been regarded as the foundation of a progressive society. It shapes the minds of future leaders, promotes social mobility, and contributes to economic growth. However, the education system faces numerous challenges that demand comprehensive reform. This article explores the critical aspects of education reform, emphasizing school funding, education…

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The Nigerian Army is planning to unlawfully confiscate property belonging to a resident of Enugu, claiming that it was acquired during the civil war.

By Oyoke Chukwuemeka (Fex Born) The resident of Enugu has been given a 7-day ultimatum to vacate his property, as the army intends to take away his home, alleging that it was captured during the civil war. A civic group, the Civil Rights Realisation and Advancement Network (CRRAN), has reached out to the Minister of…

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