Senegal’s new President, Diomaye Faye, has implemented a policy banning airport ceremonies during his arrivals and departures.

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The youngest president in Senegal history has decided to forego any formal greetings or singing of his praises.

He believes that officials should prioritize addressing pressing issues rather than engaging in unnecessary celebrations.

The 44 years old President Diomaye understands that true leadership does not seek recognition or rewards. He believes that leaders should silently carry out their duties without expecting praise in return.

In light of this, he has chosen to arrive and depart without any fanfare.

There will be no formal greetings or ceremonies, just the president and his team focusing on the important work at hand.

Diomaye said” Government officials have more important things to do.

So, he will be arriving and departing without any fuss. No formal greetings, no ceremonies, just him and his team”.

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