Breaking News: Islamic Police, Hisbah, Confirm Arrest Of 20 Men And Women In Kano For Swimming Together

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The Islamic police, Hisbah in Kano State, has said that its operatives arrested 20 residents of the state including males and females, for taking baths together

The Kano Hisbah Board announced the arrest of 20 individuals, both male and female, for swimming together at a leisure centre on Ring Road in Kano, the state capital.

According to the Kano Hisbah Board, the arrest was made by men of Operation Kau Da Badala following complaints from residents.

Dr. Mujahidin Aminuddin Abubakar, the Deputy Commandant General of the board, stated thaot this act violated the Hisbah law, which prohibits men and women from bathing together.

Abubakar said, “Hisbah law forbids men from mingling together with the opposite gender inside water to bathe”.

He expressed disappointment in the individuals involved, suggesting that their time could have been better spent engaging in activities that would bring them closer to the Almighty.

After a thorough investigation, the arrested individuals will face appropriate punishment as dictated by the law. Abubakar also urged parents and guardians to monitor their children’s activities closely to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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