Nigerian Community in Crisis: Terrorists Demand Ransom for Abductees

Written By God’stime Silas

Terrorists have given a deadline of June 15 to the families of those they abducted in Niger State to pay a ransom of N150million or risk losing five of the victims daily until the ransom is paid.
The terrorists had abducted 30 people from Kakuru in Munya Local Government Area and 26 people from Adogo Mallam and Tunga Kawo communities in Shiroro Local Government Area.

These abductions occured on Sunday and Monday in the various communities of the state.

Kakuru community is about five kilometres from the Kuchi community where 150 people were abducted last week.

The terrorists had abducted the villagers from Kuchi community. They had released a man whose wife and four children were among the abductees asking him to go and source for N60 million for the release of his family members.

It was discovered that the community had initially offered N60,000 for the release of each victim which was rejected, they raised the money to N100,000, which was also rejected by the terrorists.

A source in the community said the terrorists claimed that the money offered by the community was not up to the amount they paid to hire their guns or buy bullets, adding that they would not reduce the ransom.

“The entire community is in mourning because there is no way that the people can afford this amount and, unfortunately, there is no effort from anywhere to rescue the people.

“Since this abduction started three weeks ago, no government official or security agents have visited the community.The government is aware of the situation, but nothing has been done,” he added.

Chairman, Munya Local Government Area, Alhaji Aminu Najume, confirmed the latest abduction and the demand of ransom from the terrorists.

“Only two people were released to go and source for money for the release of their family members. A man who was kidnapped alongside his wife and three children was asked to go look for the money.

“Another one is an old man, who was released on health grounds, but his two children and their wives are being held and was equally asked to go and source for money for their release,” he said.

The chairman lamented that there is no security in the community since the attack occurred, adding that the community is porous because of the absence of security.

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