It’s Not Easy To Defend A Criminal – Reaction Trails As Tinubu’s Lawyer Almost Objected To His Victory at the Tribunal.

Tinubu’s Lawyer Objected Tunibu’s Victory in self-contradictory defense.

At the hearing of the ongoing, PEPC  it was reported that the court had mixed reactions over a paradox defence by one of Tinubu’s Lawyers, objecting to Tunibu’s victory until someone shouted from behind.

This has however stirred up reactions from Nigerians. An APC supporter with the Twitter username @Harmless took to his social media account to seek answers as to why things are going like this.

He wrote, “Where did Peter Obi get these lawyers? Is like they’ve been working on this matter even before the beginning of the campaign. They rotate the job and yet, you won’t suspect any difference or lapses. Not like the cooperate agberos that nearly objected to Tinubu’s victory today.

These dragged many reactions and comments from people. Below are some of the reactions generated by netizens

Another netizen replied:
I heard that the guy has already objected until someone shouted from behind. It’s not easy to defend criminalities. Not nearly, they did ooo

Another commented:
The judiciary needs to do the needful and clear the shame on their name in this country.

Another wrote:
I said something similar to this a few days ago, I feel Obi prepared more for the legal battle than he did for the elections.

Another said:
Unfortunately, we are dealing with serious issues of nationhood. At the end of the day, you just hear a judge say the case has been struck out for lacking merit and on technicalities, the common man will be wondering what that means and the case will close.
I think he knows the outcome will be like this so he prepared ahead remember he had the same problem in Anambra then.

Another reacted
Obi’s Legal team has done much harm to their opponents as Tinubu’s Lawyer are always making erroneous defense

What do you think will happen in the nearest future? Will Peter Obi emerge victorious? Will Tinubu step down?

Drop your views in the comment column.

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