Nigerian Igbo Students Stranded at Sudan After Being Ordered Out of Evacuation Buses by Government Officials.

A video footage making the rounds in the internet showed some stranded Igbo students with their luggages, accusing the federal government of Nigeria of discrimination and biases in the evacuation process.

A narrator In the footage alleged to have boarded one of the evacuation buses on Saturday but was ordered to come down. They are therefore seeking help from prominent Igbo personalities for their evacuation.

He said: “This appeal goes to Igbos. We are right here at the University of Khartoum in Sudan. They said they are doing an evacuation project in which Nigerians are to be evacuated out of Sudan. They came and carried some people and then abandoned us, the Igbos. We boarded the last bus that moved some Nigerians to Egypt, which left two days ago but we were asked to move out of the bus when we did nothing wrong to warrant such discrimination, all because we’re from an ethnic group in Nigeria that’s hated amongst others.

“We are pleading with our Igbo people who can help us. Our brother Air Peace who brought Airplane to help evacuate Nigerians might be feeling that everything is moving on fine. Let them know that things are not going fine. See our bags here. This is where we are. Somehow, news has spread that we have been evacuated but that’s not true.

“We plead with people like Prince Arthur Eze, Obi Cubana, and all those that can help us out.”

The footage has inflicted a stir online with many Nigerians condemning the conspiracy and demanding an explanation from the Nigerian government as to know the current situation of things and why such would happen.

The Chairman, Nigerians In Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, stated earlier in a tweet that Nigerians in Sudan are being sorted according to their States Of Origin during the evacuation process.

She deleted the tweet after it garnered a backlash from concerned Nigerians who wanted to know the essence of the State Of Origin profiling in the evacuation process since it concerns the country as a whole and not just the states.

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