8 Intriguing Promise Bola Ahmed Tinubu Made During His Inauguration as Nigerian President.

During the inauguration ceremony and swearing-in of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the president of Nigeria, he made eight promises to Nigeria.

The pledges made by the new President are listed below.

In his speech at Eagle Square in Abuja on Monday, President Bola Tinubu made eight commitments to Nigerians.

1. According to Tinubu, his administration will lead Nigeria on their behalf. He added that instead of ruling, he will serve the people compassionately and without bias towards anyone.

2. The President stated that his administration will aim for a growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GP) of at least 6%.

3. Tinubu pledged to provide families and businesses with affordable electricity while also announcing a planned increase in power producing capacity.

4. Nigeria will be impartially governed in accordance with the constitution and the rule of law, according to President Tinubu.

He also pledged to protect the country from terrorism and all other types of criminal activity that pose a danger to the peace and stability of our nation and our region.

6. Tinubu pledged to restructure the economy to foster growth and development by ensuring food security, generating jobs, and putting a stop to extreme poverty.

7. President Tinubu promised that women and youth will play a significant role in his administration.

8. In addition, Tinubu pledged that his administration will keep up its proactive initiatives, such as promoting a credit culture to deter corruption and enhancing the potency and efficacy of the different anti-corruption institutions.

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