ADC Sitting In A Meeting Seated By Mr President, Unprofessional, Lacks Justification.

The picture of President Tinubu’s ADC sitting in a meeting right before his principal undermines the protocol and dignity of ADC professionalism.

An ADC which stands for (Aide-de-Camp) is a position of great honour and responsibility for a military officer who is typically assigned to serve as the personal assistant or aide to a high-ranking military official, or government official.

The position of an ADC is not just any ordinary position, but an important role that requires discipline, respect and professionalism.

One of the duties of an ADC is to stand at all times while in the presence of his or her principal which means they are not allowed to sit down.

the insincere excuses of the political hypocrisy describing it as an act of humility from Mr President is a mockery. An ADC is expected to be alert, attentive, and ready to assist his principal at any moment.

Even when it is tiring to stand for long periods, an ADC is expected to endure and embrace the discomfort as part of their role, to dedication and loyalty to their principal, and it is also a way to uphold the dignity and formality of the position.

EXCUSES are tools of incompetence which builds monuments of nothingness. ADC is to stand at attention and remain standing in the presence of his principal, it portrays his respect, loyalty and discipline.

This is a tradition that has been passed down through generations of military officers and it remains an important part of the military protocol to date.

If the ADC is unfit, the Nigerian Army should replace him. The Army’ exhibits professionalism not quackery.

By: ~Fex Born

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