Atiku Defeated Tinubu with More Than 3,000,000 Vote Counts – Daniel Bwala.

By mmesoma Rejoice Ekem

A member of the PDP, Daniel Bwala has stated that the candidate of his party, Atiku Abubakar defeated APC’s Bola Tinubu in the presidential election.

Bwala who is also Atiku’s spokesperson made this statement during an interview with AIT News. He said despite the division within the PDP, Atiku won second place in the election according to the result that was announced by INEC. He however stated that Tinubu didn’t win the presidential election and in the original result which the PDP has, Atiku defeated Tinubu by more than 3,000,000 votes.

About 26:25 minutes into a video shared on YouTube, Bwala said “According to their own fake result, we finished second ahead of Peter Obi but in the original result that we have, we defeated APC by more than 3,000,000 votes. When they talk about these factions, what effect did the faction give based on the result that came out? In the entire northwest, we won all of them landslide. If you call me 100 times because of emerging issues and say ‘APC won, what do you think?’ I will say they never won. I am saying that not for the optics, it is based on the fact that I know”.

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