Blind Herbalist Defrauds Me N19m Sleeps With My Daughter And Granddaughter – 86-year-old woman

A blind herbalist, Owolabi Adefemi a.k.a. Ojunu, has allegedly duped an 86-year-old woman identified simply as Madam Alimot, of N19 million under the pretext of healing her child. Madam Alimot reportedly had 15 children, but they were snatched by death one after the other until she was left with only three.

Narrating her ordeal woman said she got to know about the blind herbalist in a weekly programme on a popular radio station based in Ogun State. and the blind herbalist was said to have mystical powers to heal the sick and see visions about people’s life problems. In desperation for a solution, Madam Alimot took the herbalist’s phone number and address. She left her home in the Mowe area of Ogun State, to visit the herbalist in Ogijo also in Ogun State. Unknown to her, that’s the beginning of her financial problem.

On getting there, the blind herbalist told the woman that she needed an atonement requiring a sacrifice with a cow because death was hovering around her household. Madam Alimot provided the amount requested for the cow which is to be used for sacrifice. That was the beginning of chains of subsequent requests for additional money for sacrifices.

To the extent, the victim sold her two buildings to raise money for several sacrifices in an attempt to save her sick child. As the struggle to save her children continues one of the remaining three was also hit by a strange illness in 2022 and that doubled her troubles.

By the time she was able to get herself, the blind herbalist had defrauded her of N19 million after selling two of her buildings. The suspect had also slept with her daughter and granddaughter on several occasions.

The homeless woman and her children are asking for a refund of the money the herbalist allegedly defrauded them of.

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