Military Checkpoint In The Eastern Region Of Nigeria Are Centres For Human Organ Harvest And Trafficking – IPOB

The media and public relation officer of the IPOB, Comrade Emma, has spoken to the public regarding the issue of kidnapping and trafficking of human organs in South East.

According to him, the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indefatigable leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU condemn the continuous abductions and murders of innocent Biafrans at the Military and Police checkspoints along Owerri/Onitsha Road by the Nigeria murderous Security Agents.

IPOB intelligence, the M.Branch, uncovered the way Nigeria Security Agents at various checkpoints, particularly those at Onitsha/Owerri road illegally abducts, kills and harvest vital organs of innocent Biafran youths. The Nigeria security agencies have turned Onitsha/Owerri Road checkpoints into abattoir where innocent Biafrans are captured and slaughtered, butchered into parts for human organs trafficking. The abduction and killing of Igbo youths by the Nigeria Security operatives has turned into a lucrative business for some criminal motorists who frequently use that route to supply the murderous Security Agencies innocent souls to be killed.

According to reports, the Security men at these checkpoints flag down buses abduct able bodied youths and any youths with tribal marks and the youths they suspect to be members of IPOB, take them to unknown locations, murder and harvest their organs for sell.  The majority of Ndigbo have on their bodies tribal marks called “igbunki.” These tribal marks were given to children to prevent certain sicknesses or, according to the reincarnation, belief, and custom of the families.

Nigeria Security Agencies, especially Nigeria Military, labels innocent Biafrans with these traditional tribal marks cultists as a conduit to illegally abduct, murder and harvest their vital human organs. Even if the abducted and murdered youths are cultists as alleged by murderous Nigeria Security, does that give them license or the right to kill and harvest their organs for trafficking? The Police and Army are abducting and killing innocent youths using  Owerri/Onitsha road, particularly the military checkpoint at Ukwu Orji along Onitsha Owerri Road after Njaba River. The terrorists in uniform at this checkpoint have killed a lot of innocent Igbo youths because of the tribal marks seen on these people bodies.

We are calling on the Eastern Governors to call on the Federal Government to remove these checkpoints, arrest, and investigate these armies manning the checkpoints, particularly Military Commanders at the Ukwu Orji check point.

At the same time, we call on

Amnesty International Nigeria, the International Community, and Human Right Organizations to launch  investigations into illicit human organs trafficking in Nigeria with emphasis on the Eastern Region of Nigeria.

Conclusively, Let it be known to every interested party in Nigeria affairs that IPOB will not allow these human organ traffickers in Nigeria Security uniforms to continue to abduct, murder and harvest, and traffic the vital organs of  our people.

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