Raping Of Four-Year-Old Pupil At International School, “We don’t pander To Emotions But Deal With Evidence,—  NG. Police

PPRO defended that police would not act based on emotions or sentiment as Nigerians Demand Justice on the alleged Raping of a Four-Year-Old Pupil At an International School by their Secretary guard.

Though the Lagos State Police Command claimed to have arrested a security guard with Greater Scholars International School located in the Lekki area of the state accused of raping a 4-year-old pupil.

A Twitter user identified as Omolomo who goes by the handle @TheVawulence had taken to his account to accuse the school authorities of trying to cover up the rape case.

According to the Twitter user, the managing director of the said school,  paid the police to cover up the rape report.

The tweets read; “So a 4-year-old girl was raped by the security of a school in Lekki, Lagos; the name of the school is Greater scholars international school. The father of the girl went to report the case to the police but the owner of the school brought thugs to threaten him.

The school is @GreaterScholar and they are using their money to pay the police. The security said he was very sure he will get out of this without consequences because he knows how powerful the school is with the police and he started laughing when the father came to complain. @BenHundeyin we want Justice

“When she was abused, she went to report to her teacher that Mr David put his thing in my bumbum, the teacher flogged her and told her not to tell anyone. We need Justice. The police are not answering.

“This is the managing director of the school her name is Comfort Ukpong She paid the police at Ajiwe police station and they have threatened the father with thugs not to speak up.

“This is the thugs blocking the gate when the father went to report the case. @BenHundeyin we need Justice. They limited the comment on their IG page and the security was even laughing when he was being reported. His statement was “Nothing will happen.

The thugs blocking the gate when the father went to report the case.

“The girl was asked to describe what was done to her using a teddy bear and she described what exactly happened and they said she must never tell anyone.

“This is the security guy smiling after he said nothing is going to happen to him. @BenHundeyin we want Justice.”

But reacting to the allegations, the Lagos Police Command’s spokesperson SP Benjamin Hundeyin, questioned the Twitter user “How exactly do you mean ‘the police are not answering?’”

Hundeyin however, noted “the suspect has been arrested and is still in custody,” adding that “a medical report that would ensure a conviction is being expected.”

He maintained that police would not act based on emotions or sentiment as they could only act based on provable evidence.

“We don’t pander to emotions but deal with evidence to prove issues beyond a reasonable doubt,” the PPRO stated.

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