Deconstructing the mindset of clueless political candidates in Ebonyi state.

Politics is what it is. The beauty of it is that everyone is given the opportunity to associate and have political learning of his or her choice while accommodating that of others. In such association, one is expected to help his candidates win more supporters than making enemies for one’s preferred candidate. Election gives the opportunity to bring out the best of intellectual property not the dumbest to convince the populace towards your direction.

Politics/ Election is meant to give one free choice based on critical information towards choosing the best. It’s never meant to be through violence, threat or compulsion not to talk of destruction. It’s never to be done through intimidation, crisis or corrupt collusion to pervert justice. It’s meant to be free, fair, credible, transparent and most importantly near excellent if not excellent. That’s what the process entails!

In Ebonyi, some supposed supporters has thrown caution to the wind and only left with suicide just to coarce the people for their candidate. They not only misconstrue everyone but, every word/ action of anyone. Nobody is left in their madness. They are more of a bull in the China’s shop. They even uproot their own seedlings thinking they are harming their opponents. No class of the society is excluded. The already impoverished poor, the village settlers, the urban, the civil servants, the middle class, the market women and men, the clergy and the traditional leaders are not left in their criminal vicious attacks. They are simply on an autoimmune. They attack and destroy themselves thinking they are attacking a foreign body.

Cutlass, guns and verbal weapons have been used against different classes of their supposed prey. All entreaties to make them see reasons and for them to appreciate their level of self destruct hits the brick walls. They are like a loose Cannon.They explode even before they are ignited. They are more of enemies manufacturers to their principal claiming they are helping him.

How could one imagine that they could be this vile in attacking a priest whose only sin is to talk against greed! Many of us has fallen into the hands of 419 ( Four- one- nine) and can confess that the Lowest common multiple (LCM) of such act has been greed. One may ask, what is greed? Greed which is a noun is defined as “intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food”. 419 in our Nigeria parlance is derived from a section of our law that defines obtaining by false pretense. If not greed, what else could lead one into submitting to 419?

For those who ought to have sense but chose to throw caution to the wind and attack the preacher whilst they claim to be defending a particular candidate, shows their level of exposure and the mindset they are bringing into governance. It shows how they chase people away from their master instead of convincing people for their master. It simply shows that they are brainless in human and state management. They have destroyed their Boss more than they think they are supporting him.

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