Photo: CJN Ariwoola disguises on a wheelchair to London for a secret meeting with Bola Tinubu.

Mr Tinubu kept his trip to London secret until it was exposed on Wednesday afternoon by Sahara Reporters, which said the trip was a medical emergency.

The Supreme Court head Mr Ariwoola without any physical disabilities. was pushed in a wheelchair through the terminals to board a British Airways flight, on March 11 via Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

Upon arrival in London, Mr Ariwoola, 64, was also wheeled into a hotel downtown.

But immediately after checking into the hotel, Mr Ariwoola abandoned his wheelchair and started moving around the facility unaided.

He is moving about in the hotel without any wheelchair, standing on his own in the elevator. picking up food ordered via delivery services at a mid-level lobby, including Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

CJN travelled secretly,
BAT travelled secretly. Soon their secret agenda will be called Justice, and Nigerians will be asked to celebrate it.

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