Tinubu Should Remember he’s no longer in Lagos but in Abuja – Segun

A public affairs analyst, Segun Sopitan, has advised President Tinubu to tread carefully following his pronouncement over the fuel subsidy removal. In his interview, Sopitan noted that the new president should remember that those who voted for him are less than the culmination of Nigerians who voted for other candidates.

Addressing the topic, Sopitan said, “It will be better if we wait for the Dangote refinery to begin operation and maximize its initial capacity. Then subsidies can be removed, and fuel prices can inevitable go up to about N400. We have to come to terms with that. However, removing subsidies at the moment may lead to a crisis. The NLC has already vowed to grind the country to a halt if subsidies are removed, and it will happen.

He added, “A president who came into power like Tinubu did should be cautious. Tinubu should remember that he is no longer in Lagos and that this is Abuja. He is running Nigeria as a country. Tinubu gathered fewer votes than the total votes of the opposition, and he cannot afford to impoverish the lives of Nigerians already living in multi-dimensional poverty.

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