Tinubu did not create any of Nigeria’s problems; he became president to solve them – Professionals.

The All Progressives Congress Professionals Forum strongly believes that President Bola Tinubu is diligently working to address Nigeria’s challenges and enhance the country’s overall well-being.

The forum thinks that the current economic issues are not Tinubu’s fault and that he is actually trying to improve things.

According to Isa Yuguda, the head of the APC forum, during a recent meeting in Abuja, the forum is of the opinion that the current economic difficulties are not Tinubu’s responsibility. In fact, Yuguda emphasized that Tinubu is actively striving to bring about positive changes.

Yuguda further stated, “The president did not create any of the problems people are talking about, whether in the economy or the other sectors. In fact, what he met on the ground would have created a worse situation if not properly handled, but he is championing reforms that are required to pave the way for a better society.”

The forum commends Tinubu for his efforts and believes that, the reforms he is implementing, has the potential to evolve prosperous and equitable nation for all its citizens.


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