Hoodlums Abduct Four-Month-Old at Gunpoint in Akwa Ibom.

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Over the weekend, two unidentified gunmen abducted a four-month-old baby in Enen-Atai village, Itu local government area of Akwa Ibom State.

The father of the abducted infant, Udeme Eyo, shared his harrowing experience with our correspondent in Uyo. He recounted how their child was taken at gunpoint from their home around 3:00 AM.

Eyo described the terrifying moment, saying, “I was half asleep when I heard a loud bang on the door. I quickly got out of bed, but the door was forcefully pulled down.

Two strangers entered and demanded my son. I tried to intervene, but they brandished guns and machetes, leaving me helpless.”

“They snatched the child from my wife, who was screaming, they pushed her aside, and fled with the baby. When I ran out to alert my neighbors, I saw them speeding away in a car parked nearby,” Eyo added.

He expressed deep concern for his traumatized wife, who had already suffered the loss of their first child at a similar age. The village head, Efanga Usua, also voiced shock and disappointment, noting that such incidents were rare until recently.

Usua mentioned a previous case involving a mentally unstable woman who was similarly robbed of her child by unknown assailants on motorcycles. He assured that efforts were being made to convene a meeting of local traditional rulers to address the escalating issue.

The Deputy Crime Officer at Ayadehe Police Station in Itu LGA, Bokime Bassey, confirmed that the incident was reported promptly and that investigations were ongoing.

Bassey assured the public that the police were actively pursuing leads to apprehend the perpetrators.

“We are aware of the situation and are actively working on it. Our officers visited the village this morning, and progress is being made,” Bassey stated.

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