Peter Obi’s Legal Team Makes Significant Progress in the Election Tribunal; Squeaks INEC Hinder

Earlier today, representatives of the Labour Party (LP) and their presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi, held a press conference to provide an update on the progress made in presenting evidence at the ongoing Election Petitions Tribunal in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Lawyers representing Obi and the LP highlighted their determination to overcome the obstacles imposed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and ensure the submission of all relevant evidence before the court.

In a video report shared online by AIT on Wednesday, Ben Anachebe (SAN), one of Obi’s lawyers, addressed the journalists. He acknowledged the challenges faced due to INEC’s attempts to hinder their efforts but expressed satisfaction with the headway made by their legal team in presenting the evidence they possessed.

Anachebe further disclosed that the volume of evidence submitted thus far might negate the need for the Labour Party to exhaust its list of potential witnesses at the Tribunal. He stated, “Considering the polling unit and ward-level results from the 17 states we have already tendered, it appears that our plans are proceeding smoothly.

Once we submit the remaining result sheets, we will proceed to present our expert evidence in court. In a case like this, evidence holds paramount importance, and we are pleased with the seamless submission of all the evidence on behalf of the Labour Party. The outstanding evidence is diminishing by the day, except for the access to BVAS machines that INEC has yet to provide us.”

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