If Obi and Datti Are Not Careful, What is Happening in Sudan Will Repeat Itself in Nigeria – Asari Dokubo

By:- mmesoma Rejoce Ekem

Asari Dokubo, in a recent live broadcast on Facebook, addressed the ongoing crisis in Sudan and urged supporters of Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed to refrain from harassing individuals on social media.

He cautioned them against following false information that is currently misleading them and feeding them with inaccurate news. He reminded them that elections are about choosing a winner, and if their preferred candidate does not win, they should accept the result without resorting to derogatory comments.

Dokubo went on to criticize Obi and Datti, accusing them of not learning from the mistakes of the past and encouraging their supporters to engage in inappropriate behavior. He emphasized the need to accept election results peacefully, without resorting to violent reactions. Furthermore, he expressed concern that if Obi and Datti continued to misinform their followers, Nigeria might experience the same political unrest currently taking place in Sudan.

He said; “Just because of 2 men, look at what is happening in Sudan. If Obi and Datti are not careful enough, what is happening in Sudan might befall us in Nigeria”.

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