Bola Tinubu Will Get Disqualified Before His Inauguration – Lawyer Baron Chymaker.

  • By Mmesoma Rejoice Ekem

Since the conclusion of the 2023 presidential election, there has been a lot of arguments and wranglings among politicians, citizens (both young and old) and even those staying outside the country, some happy and in total support of Bola Tinubu’s incoming administration while those who were in support of Peter Obi aren’t giving up on fighting for justice because to them, the election was not free and fair; according to them, it was rigged.

The day for Bola Tinibu’s Inauguration is drawing nearer and the heat of the arguments and wranglings getting hotter and hotter everyday. So many believes he will get disqualified even before 29th May, bringing shame and mockery to him and his supporters.

One of such persons who can’t wait to hear his disqualification been announced is Lawyer Baron Chymaker. The lawyer few hours ago took to his official twitter account to reveal what Tinubu’s fate will be before the Inauguration, according to him, the president elect will get disqualified by the supreme court.

He tweeted ” Let me say It again, In my many years as a lawyer and someone who has marshaled for Judge, there is no way the supreme court won’t disqualify Bola Asiwaju Tinibu, there is absolutely no pathway for him to escape, I’m willing to place a bet with anyone, the law is clear”.

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