South East Voted Tremendously for Peter Obi but the Northerners shared His Votes – Hakeem Baba Ahmed

By Mmesoma Rejoice Ekem

The spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed has disclosed that the north voted for all four major candidates during the last presidential election.

He said this while replying to a Twitter user who accused him of being a hypocrite as a result of his opinion on issues. According to the Twitter user, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed’s hypocrisy stinks, he said he puts the whole North as one but does everything possible to divide the South. “If you think that north is one why do you think that south is not one?” He added.

While reacting to this statement on his Twitter handle, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed dismissed his claims as falsehood. He said the South is one but, during the last general elections, the North shared its votes for all four leading candidates.

He noted that the southeast voted overwhelmingly for Peter Obi but, the Labour Party candidate was not fortunate enough to get the same support from every other parts of the south.

He said even though the North divided its votes for all four leading candidates, it was able to determine how the South voted but still remained as one.

“If it gives you some comfort, let me say the South is one too. The North shared its votes for all 4 leading candidates. SE voted overwhelmingly for PO. The rest of the South did not. The North must be very powerful to divide and determine how the South voted, and still remain one North.” He wrote.

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