Probe Tinubu Over CSU Forged School Certificate – UGRFP Urges NASS

The United Global Resolve for Peace has called on the National Assembly to probe President Bola Tinubu, over the validity and authenticity of the educational qualification he submitted to INEC.

The UGRFP stated that the investigation shouldn’t only be a matter of justice but a commitment to the rule of law and transparency.

The UGRFP Chairman, Shalom Olaseni, made the demand in a statement on Thursday, stating that leaving the issue unaddressed had the potential to cast shadows over the country’s image regionally and globally and that allowing the controversy to persist had extensive implications.

The UGRFP Chairman charged the National Assembly, as the embodiment of Nigeria’s legislative authority, to approach the matter with the utmost seriousness. noted that a thorough, impartial, and expeditious investigation is not only a matter of justice but a demonstration of our commitment to the rule of law and transparency.

UGRFP called the President to address Nigerians and provide ‘irrefutable evidence’ to validate the authenticity of his educational qualification acquired from the CSU while noting that it was imperative for the sustenance of trust and confidence in the nation’s leadership.

However, the group cautioned against incendiary and ill-motivated antics by some elements to use the issue to settle political scores against the President, while asserting that Nigeria’s reputation, both domestically and internationally, hinges on citizens’ collective ability to address the allegations surrounding President Tinubu’s certificate with absolute transparency and integrity.

He also noted that some reactions to the controversy surrounding the allegedly forged school certificate of the President from the Chicago State University were alarming and held the danger of letting the matter be undermined by “caricature, bants and vindictive motives”, hence the need to safeguard the reputation and credibility of Nigeria.

Olaseni added, “We note with growing concerns how allegations of President Tinubu presenting a forged school certificate from Chicago State University to the Independent National Electoral Commission has ignited a whirlwind of media attention, both locally and on the international stage. UGRFP recognizes that such allegations are grave and, if left unaddressed, have the potential to cast a long shadow over Nigeria’s image, both regionally and globally.

“The President, as a custodian of our national leadership, owes it to the Nigerian people to provide irrefutable evidence that validates the authenticity of his claimed educational qualifications. Transparency is not a mere expectation; it is an imperative for the sustenance of trust and confidence in our leadership.

“By failing to address allegations of this magnitude, President Tinubu risks sending a message that integrity and accountability can be compromised with impunity, thereby undermining the very foundation of Nigeria’s democracy.”

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