Outrages: Moment A Yoruba Woman Orders Guests Who Couldn’t Afford Asoebi Out Of Party

The UK-based Yoruba Woman had sold a ceremonial dress uniform (Asoebi) to her friend and relative to wear at her 70th birthday celebration party.

However, at her birthday party some of the attendees who purchased her ceremonial dress uniform (Asoebi) dressed in it. While some of her well wishes who couldn’t afford the costly dress, make out time to celebrate her.

The visibly angry woman waited patiently until it was time to entertain her guests before she decided to address them by ordering guests who couldn’t afford her Asoebi to stop eating and leave her party immediately or else they wouldn’t live see 70 years.

The 70-year-old woman stood up and said ”If you didn’t buy my aso-ebi (ceremonial dress uniform) from me stand up and leave my party, else you won’t turn 70. She went on to say, “I beg you in God’s name, leave now,

The embarrassed guests had no choice but to grumble and leave,

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